For more than 15 years, our firm has delivered state-of-the-art computer systems

to the Financial Services, Automotive and Telecommunications industries.

Our software operates across servers, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and

smartphones in a uniquely mobile mode. Our proprietary "always on"  technology

ensures continued operation from any of the above platform devices from any

remote location, even when no internet connection is available. Each platform

device synchronizes its data accuracy during brief internet or WIFI connections

with your on-premises or cloud-based databases. Built upon Microsoft's latest

SQL Server database technology, these systems are reliable and secure, hosting not just text.... but image, video, audio and hybrid formats in multi-terabyte data stacks. Whether you're a large or small enterprise, it is essential for today's fast moving business to have instant and continued access to the information needed for smart decision making. Our end-user applications are built upon a robust database topology that guarantees business continuity even when your in-house or cloud-based data center is unavailable or your mobile location is remote.

Sean McKenna CEO

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about us


"Smart Applications for Fast Moving Businesses"

With more than 30 years experience as an accomplished software designer, Sean provides leadership and direction in crafting the company's software product manifest.  His background covers legacy architectures and API's up to the most current .NET and web server platforms. He is a database expert and mobile app architect driving direction and relevance into the enterprise data domain. He publishes regularly on related information technology issues. He advises a number of large Financial Institutions on super high volume document storage and presentation architectures using the internet and the company's Image Magic software.