With the freedom to seek new markets almost without restriction and the ability to offer a full range of banking and financial products, Credit Unions are fast emerging as the preffered resource for America's family financing needs. As part of the technology revolution needed to service this growing customer community, statement delivery which was formerly just a way of passing along account information through the mail, has morphed into an immediate and impactful innovation of electronic statement delivery known as eStatements.


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"your business in your pocket"

For many Credit Union

members the Internet has

rapidly become the preferred

means of conducting business

with their financial institution.

As members are drawn to the

CU's website in the eStatement viewing cycle, our ImageMagic product is capable of indentifying, with precision, which CU members will be returning on a regular basis providing an unfathomable marketing opportunity to not just inform members of what's new, but at the same time build and enhance member relationships, improve customer loyalty and capitalize on cross-selling to deliver products and build membership. ImageMagic is capable of hosting tens of terabytes of image and other graphical presentations, representing tens of millions of eStatements, on its Microsoft SQL Server database. Moreover, the product can customize a member's viewing session by combining eStatements with other document presentations and fabricating, in real time, a presentation session uniquely customized to that individual member based upon member segmentation, in-service product life cycles, new product releases and contemporary offers and coupons from preferred CU vendors. eStatements and their derived products have built-in marketing opportunities associated with each on-line member session as ImageMagic propagates new promotional material inside the viewable packet (PDF, for example) at each member visit, without modification of the CU's website. In essence, ImageMagic offers an exponential increase in the number of marketing opportunities per member eStatement package stored in the ImageMagic database.

Image Magic

bringing "true value" to the used car buying & selling experience

Products  & Services



Tap into a used car buying audience tuned to the internet and all of its technology innovation, and discover how ValuTrader, our newest and most innovative product, helps deliver integrity and value to a marketplace where buyers are too often confronted with "as is" or "buyer beware" deals.

Our sophisticated database tracks used vehicles from trade-in, to wholesale auction, to dealer lot, and finally to retail resale. We track known manufacturer recall and owner registration history for each vehicle. Unlike new car sales, research shows that used car buyers are most interested in the service and maintenance history of a vehicle and the reputation of the seller. ValuTrader provides a verified itemization of every maintenance and service issue on that auto as it was prepared for resale, allowing consumers to shop comparatively for best value among similar used vehicles. At ValuTrader we're not only interested in selecting high quality resellers. Our primary interest is in finding the highest quality used cars.... for used car shoppers!

Our DigiWorld.Mobilite platform meets today's business mobility challenge by providing unparalleled information sharing across your company's servers, PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Using our  proprietary SYNC-A-SYNC technology, active data is not only available to mobile devices from the cloud, but is optionally replicated to each device and synchronized with your primary on-premises or cloud-based database during brief LTE or WIFI connections. Built upon Microsoft's SQL database

architecture, Mobilite applications deliver reliable 3-way data access technology secured with

hardware encrypted data storage in "always on" mode.... even in the most remote locations.